The East Vision

Harry Reed, Sports Editor

Neeewwwwtttssss. Our very own future lawyer, current sports editor, and The Boss superfan. This guy has arguably the most impressive lexicon at East Grand Rapids. Except for maybe Mr. Stabile. Harry and his sports page acquaintances might bicker a lot, but at the end of the day, it's all love (literally). He claims many things, such as being a tennis and golf superstar. His claim to fame is an unwitnessed albatross at Spring Lake Country Club in '22. And while he might be coached by Scheps, his hips still don't get through the ball. Harry is involved in a lot. During the fall, his main occupation is chicken man, but God forbid he gets a new rope. When the bubble freezes over, he becomes a far cry from vintage D-Rose at IBL on Saturday mornings. By the time spring has sprung, he is allegedly hucking dingers over the Remy fence, even though nobody's seen it happen live. On the weekends, you can find him at Mundy's listening to The Boss or some Fisher, MIH. 

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