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The Hottest from Hollis

September 30, 2018

I love it

Kanye West and Lil Pump recently dropped their new song “I Love It.” By now most people have heard it but few people actually like it. The reason for so many people not liking it most likely stems from the lyrics. The song consists of so much profane language that there are no lines that I would be allowed to put into the article.

It also may have to do with it being a classic Lil Pump song. That meaning there is no lyrical value whatsoever and it’s just overly derogatory towards women as well as lots of talk about cocaine. I am very unsure of what their intention was in making this song.

The song is so hard to listen to that it sounds like a product of what an eighth grader with access to Garage Band could come up with.

All in all the song is terrible. If you want a good laugh then listen to it, but if you want to listen to real music, look elsewhere.

Thanos car

The life of a meme is an interesting event. Typically you will see a new meme spread its wings on a small meme page on Instagram. The meme will then grow in popularity and eventually will grow onto a large “Normie” meme page such as Daquan or Hoodclips. This is where the meme will die.

Fortunately some memes, such as Thanos car, cannot be understood by the “normie” and will live a long prosperous life amongst the anti-normie meme community. Many people say they “don’t understand” Thanos car or that “it is stupid” and “not funny.”

But that is where the normie is wrong. Thanos car is the best meme out there at this moment because of its ability to take the shape of almost all prior memes and it has not been adopted into normie meme culture.

Very few memes have this ability. Many memes can only work in the same format that it was founded in. That does not make a meme bad, but it elongates a memes life if it has the versatility that Thanos Car offers.

There is no telling how long Thanos Car’s life has left, but we will savor you while you last.

Thank you Thanos car, you are incredible.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege is easily the best first person shooter game for console on the market right now. Although the game was released in December of 2015, Rainbow Six Siege is still second to none.

Rainbow Six Siege is a 5v5, objective based game. There are two main game modes. Casual and Ranked. A casual match goes until one team reaches three rounds won and a Ranked goes until one team has won four.

One team is on offense the other on defense. Each team has their own defenders and attackers to choose from. Each attacker and defender has their own ability and weapons as well.

This makes it a very strategic game, much more than Fortnite, Call of Duty or Battlefield. Each round only lasts a maximum of three minutes as well, so if you are eliminated there is not too long of a wait time and there are things you can do to help your team while you are eliminated.

Overall this is a great video game, and I highly recommend it to all gamers that like first person shooter games.


Elon Musk

Elon Musk is undoubtedly one of the smartest and successful people of our time. With owning his car company, Tesla, and space exploration company, SpaceX, Musk is a jack of all trades.

These are not the only claims to fame for Musk though. He is currently working on underground roadways in California that he says will be earthquake proof because of the fact that earthquakes are on the surface and not underneath.

Not only is Musk an incredible inventor, but he is just as good a businessman. He has never taken a paycheck from Tesla and yet he has a networth of 23.6 billion dollars. Most of his money has come from former investments and businesses, like when he sold his cofounded business, PayPal, to Ebay.

Musk also has some big plans for future Tesla cars as well. Since a major problem people think of with electric cars is the fear of the battery running out. He is trying to find ways to integrate solar panels into his cars and still make them good looking.

Elon Musk is not only the kind of person we want but the kind of person we need.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

For all of you that haven’t heard, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson called off their engagement. When I heard the news I was very surprised… NOT!

I saw so many posts on social media and heard so many people saying how surprised they were that something like this could happen.

First of all: how? How could anyone be surprised by a couple who dated for only three months before they got engaged then broke off the engagement? I knew that as soon as Ariana wrote a song called “Pete Davidson,” the engagement wouldn’t last more than 2 more months. Way to jinx it Ariana.

Second: who even cares? Big whoop, a couple who has been dating for FIVE MONTHS breaks up, how does that deserve any headline anywhere? Who cares if celebrities are dating in general? All it ever is with celebrity relationships is they date for no longer than a year, maybe get married, have a kid or two and then they break up and people act surprised everytime like they knew how they felt about each other. That just grinds my gears.


Last month I wrote about the greatness of the “Thanos Car” meme. This month I am going to change directions and talk about a recently made popular meme TikTok.

For all you normies out there, TikTok is basically, but ten times more cringy and ten times funnier.

The point of TikTok is to make a video like with some other random person.

Too many people take these apps seriously and are just hard to watch.

The meme community saw this problem and took action. I will explain this “action” to you normies so you can try to understand.

When there is someone taking this app too seriously someone from the meme community with “collaborate” with them and do something that makes no sense whatsoever. There are certain levels to the absurdity of the actions or dances that the meme Gods do, but they are almost always funny.

I don’t expect all the normies to understand because most of these are too far over your heads and you can’t truly appreciate this tier this meme is on.

I wish I could put an example of a top-tier TikTok but since this is a paper I obviously can’t. I’m sure most if not all meme connoisseurs can easily find these memes, but if you are a normie and would like to try to change your normie meme status here’s what you do.

Download the TikTok app and peruse for a little while. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

F is For Family

The Netflix original, “F is For Family,” is an animated comedy similar to that of “Brickleberry” and “Family Guy.” The show was created and produced by comedian Bill Burr, as well as Vince Vaughn.

I first watched the show for the sole reason that Bill Burr was the main character. I am a huge fan of Burr’s stand up comedy, so I figured I’d give it a watch.

The show is about a family in the 1970s, particularly the father, Frank Murphy, voiced by Bill Burr. Frank Murphy, like Bill Burr himself, is short-tempered and has many long rants filled with lots of profane language. If that kind of stuff is not for you, I would highly recommend you don’t watch this show.

Other than a lot of explicit language, the show depicts many stereotypical events and personalities of the 1970s, which aren’t always the most appropriate either.

This is part of the reason why I like the show so much. Most of the time they talk about taboo subjects ironically, which to me is the funniest type of humor and shows. That’s what Bill Burr is best at and is my favorite part about him and his show.The first time I sat down to watch the show I watched the entire first season. I took a little more time on the second season and am looking forward to the third.

“F is for Family” has been renewed for a third season which will air on Netflix in late November.

Tha Carter V

On September 26 Lil’ Wayne finally dropped the long-awaited album “Tha Carter V.”

Lately, it’s been hard to find rap music with both good lyrics and beats, but with C5 it has both.

This album is easily one of the best of 2018. It blew albums like Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” out of the water. When “Astroworld” dropped in early August I was disappointed in how terrible it was. With all the hype that was put into the album’s release, all it had to show for it was “Sicko Mode” which was mediocre at best.

“Tha Carter 5” was less hyped up and exponentially better. There were only two or three songs that I don’t like out of 23 songs.

That brings me now to my top 5 songs of the album in order.


“Mona Lisa” (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

“Open Safe”

“Can’t Be Broken”

“Famous” (feat. Reginae Carter)

The album also has nine songs with features including the late XXXTENTACION, Kendrick Lamar, his daughter Reginae Carter, Snoop Dogg and more.

All in all this album is great. From lyrics to beats to features, “Tha Carter V” has it all. If you haven’t already go give it a listen on Apple Music, Spotify and pretty much any other music streaming service. You won’t be disappointed.

Black Ops 4

On October 12, the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII was released for Xbox, PlayStation and P.C. This came just fourteen days before Red Dead Redemption 2, which was the only other video game that most people were considering purchasing around this time.

I personally put a decent amount of thought into which purchase I would make, and ended up purchasing Black Ops IIII.

So far I have enjoyed playing this game, especially the new battle royale mode, Blackout. Most recent first person shooter games have added battle royale modes to their games, including R.D.R.2. These additions spurred from the success Fortnite has had over the past year and a half. There are far more positives than negatives with this game. Although my one major pet peeve with this game is small and insignificant: it is how they wrote the number “4” on the cover.

Instead of using either the roman numeral (IV), or the arabic numeral (4), they put IIII. To me this is just annoying. But it does not affect gameplay at all so really it is not a problem at all.

Overall I really like this game and would recommend it to anybody looking for a good multiplayer FPS game, and a solid battle royale mode.

Bohemian Rhapsody

It has been a while since I have been to the movie theatre, but recently I journeyed on over to Celebration Cinema North to see “Bohemian Rhapsody.” My adventures to the movie theatre are few and far between because I don’t enjoy spending that much money when I will be able to watch it on Netflix or onDemand for far cheaper. But this movie was worth the money spent.

There were many great things about this movie and few, if any, negatives. First of all, the casting and acting was phenomenal. Rami Malek did an outstanding job portraying the great, late Freddie Mercury. There is even a video comparing the original “Live Aid” concert to Malek’s portrayal of “Live Aid” and he had almost every detail of the concert down to the movement.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” is easily one of the best movies that I have seen this year, and I have watched at least a movie a week since the start of 2018.

I could talk about everything that made this movie as great as it did, but I have a limit of only 200 words for this article.

I recommend that everyone sees this movie at least once, and I highly recommend seeing it in the theatre, otherwise you may lose the effect of the movie and music that tells the story of Queen and their journey.

“Secret Sister Gift Exchange”

It is that time of the year again when the snow is falling, Christmas music is on every radio station and of course, the “basic” high school girl  came out of hibernation for the beloved holiday season.

The day after Thanksgiving the basic high school girls slipped on their fuzzy socks, Ugg boots, LuluLemon leggings, oversized “fur” jackets and took to Instagram to see which “sisters” would be interested in joining a gift exchange pyramid scheme.

Though these past nine to twelve years of schooling may have filled many brains with knowledge of how to calculate double derivatives and what the nucleus of a cells function is, it has almost completely missed the mark on providing basic teaching of common sense.

At this point in our lives we should know that pyramid schemes are not necessarily the way to go. This should be obvious now, especially if you have ever watched episode 19 of season two of The Office when Michael enters himself into a pyramid scheme for selling calling cards.

The most concerning part of this whole thing is that this is not the first year this post has been spread across social media. Every year the “basic” high school girl continues to be unable to resist the temptation of an anonymous gift exchange where you only have to buy one gift and can receive 6-36 gifts in return.


Over the past three weeks I’ve watched close to 10 movies, both new and old, and on the Ice Day I finally found the perfect one to write about: Vice.

Other than knowing that Christian Bale (Dick Cheney) and Steve Carell (Donald Rumsfeld) were members of the cast, I knew almost nothing else about the movie.

I thought the movie was going to be relatively serious compared to most movies with Steve Carell. To my surprise the style was much more satirical than I had expected.

I liked this to the movie, especially because of all the political subjects the movie deals with. I was aware of most of the movie’s topics but for the subjects and events that I was unfamiliar with, the satirical approach made it easier to grasp.

For example, to explain Cheney’s handling of Guantanamo Bay,  a waiter read off the menu to his customers. First he would name the subject as if it were the name of the meal and then would list off the specifics as if they were the ingredients.

There were many other instances where there was a complicated subject and they would “dumb it down” by associated it with everyday activities and events.

Aside from the style, the movie had many other great attributes such as the casting. Christian Bale and Steve Carell are two of my favorite actors and together they are even better. The movie also has Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney and Sam Rockwell as President George W. Bush.

All four actors did a great job playing their roles, especially Sam Rockwell as President Bush. Rockwell not only looked like him but acted with the same mannerisms and facial expressions, even the well-known “Bushisms” used to poke fun at President Bush were on point.

Overall I enjoyed the movie. Even though the movie is slightly more liberal, I would highly recommend it to everyone. There is a lot of information that is important for U.S. citizens to know, and in this day and age, the participation of citizens (especially our generation) in government is extremely crucial.

Egg meme

If I were to ask you, “How do you think we could bring 50 million random people together to achieve something amazing, no matter one’s age, race, religion or political party?” would you be able to come up with an answer?

I wouldn’t even know where to begin, but I know for a fact it would have nothing to do with an egg. Chickens? Maybe. Egg? No.

For all of you that don’t know what I am alluding to, an egg just took the first step in bringing down the Kardashian-Jenner family. Technically it is a picture of an egg and has done nothing to the Kardashian-Jenner family, except strip Kylie Jenner of a world record.

On January 4, an Instagram account by the name @world_record_egg posted a picture of an egg with the caption: “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this.”

The post now has over 50.5 million likes, completely destroying Jenner’s previous record.

If you have read any of my meme reviews in the past, then you know that I am not one for normie memes. But this I can’t resist. This account directly called out Kylie Jenner, a powerful person in the social media world (and for some unknown reason in the real world) and absolutely demolished her.

Some of you may now be asking yourselves, “Why does this matter?” I will tell you why. Because it is hilarious. People (including myself) went out of their way to look up an Instagram account that has only one post of an egg, and thought, “I like this picture of a random egg more than this picture of Kylie Jenner and her baby daughter.”

Something even better about the egg: it only took a week beat the record of likes.

To me this is egg is an inspiration. This post brought nearly 30 million people together in only one week and over 50 million after two.

Not only is it an inspiration, I believe it sends a strong message: we are all human. There is no room for hatred of other people over things they can’t control. There is only room for love. The love for a picture of an egg.

Who would have thought a normie meme about an egg would have such a beautiful message?

John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous

John Mulaney has been one of my favorite comedians ever since I heard his “Salt and Pepper Diner” joke from his set “The Top Part” in fifth grade.

Since “The Top Part” Mulaney has had three Netflix stand up specials, a Netflix original show “Big Mouth,” and his own Broadway show “Oh, Hello on Broadway,” with Nick Kroll, which was also given a special on Netflix, and has countless other claims to fame in the comedy world.

Less than a year ago Mulaney came out with his third Netflix stand up special “Kid Gorgeous.” This is probably my favorite John Mulaney stand up sets and one of my favorite sets by any comedian.

His jokes are hilarious, but for me the presentation makes the show even better. In one part he talks about how robots are basically taking over how humans get through everyday life, but most importantly how we have to prove to robots that we are not robots.

Tom Segura: Disgraceful

I have watched Tom Segura’s Netflix special “Disgraceful” multiple times. This one has never become less funny to me, if anything it has only gotten more and more funny.

Tom Segura has a darker sense of humour and will poke fun at any and everybody. Whether it is how lazy people are becoming to anybody who has a baby, Segura takes no prisoners.

There are many great parts of this special, including his presentation. He has a different presentation style to John Mulaney and Bo Burnham, in that he says somewhat outrageous things that may cross the line for some people, in a relatively calm and relaxed manner, as if it just a regular conversation about a less controversial topic.

It is hard to put into words how exactly this makes the jokes funnier, so you should watch it to know exactly what I mean.

I would recommend this to people who are not easily offended. I would also recommend this to people who are easily offended because you need to stop stigmatizing everything and get over yourself.

I give this special a total of 10/10, because it is funny, edgy, the presentation is great, and it is an overall great performance.

Bo Burnham: Make Happy

Bo Burnham is extremely different from most comedians. He is still a stand up comedian but he incorporates music and songs into his performance.

In “Make Happy” Burnham has multiple different songs and skits, including one that mocks modern country music and modern day hip hop music.

He is without a doubt my favorite comedian in terms of performance. His shows are incredibly elaborate which to me makes it easier to watch and hold your attention, because you never know what is going to happen next.

This is Burnham’s best performance by far. This is primarily because of his attention to detail and he has everything planned perfectly, almost like a movie or tv show.

I have no complaints at all about this special, and I would recommend it to everyone, that has any sense of humour at all. Like Tom Segura, Burnham is a comedian that may cross the line for some people, and if you’re one of those people, don’t watch it if you’re just going to be a loser about it.

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