A guide to grabbing a bite outside of the bubble

February 23, 2019

Two Beards Deli

This deli is similar to the EGR staple known as Cherry Street Deli. This grunge atmosphere and bohemian decorations creates a great laid back dining experience. Although the sandwiches are pretty solid here, there are more options at the Cherry Deli. I enjoyed eating here but the lack of options and the location downtown will not make me a returning customer.

El Arriero

This establishment is no Qdoba or Chipotle. In fact, it puts those restaurants to shame. El Arriero has a more authentic feel to their food. Their combos are equivalent to a single burrito bowl at both restaurants. I would highly recommend an order of their famous queso dip. It is a good balance of cheesy goodness with a kick of spice.

Fratelli’s Pizza

This ‘hole in the wall’ place was found as a result of a hungry fog and desperation. Although the space was not the most sophisticated, the pizza made up for it. The slice had a sweeter sauce and a sufficient amount of grease. It was accompanied by a few garlic breadsticks. The feast in total was $5 and as far as I’m concerned a place that sells pizza by the slice is an automatic win.

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