Live your life chaotically

May 30, 2019

Everyone goes through different phases throughout high school. The rebellious phase towards your parents, and the sad phase in the middle of November anxiously waiting for Christmas break are only two out of the many.

The phase that is never-ending, though, is the part of your life that craves and searches for self-identification. Many say that being yourself is the easiest part about growing up; but, a disclaimer, it’s not. Self-identification is one of the hardest things about growing up in a chaotic teenage world.

For me personally, it was hard to find myself. I spent my sophomore and some of my junior year acting like someone I was not. Now that I have found myself, I have accepted all of my quirks and weird tendencies because that’s who I am. And I do not care.

There have been times when I have gone out to parties in my pajamas, because it’s 10:30 and I’m tired. I could give a crap about what I wear; I don’t dress to impress. I only dress for my comfort.

And, I swear constantly. In front of my teachers. In front of my parents. In front of coaches. At my teammates. I do this because I’m passionate.

I want people to succeed in anything that they do. When I swear about something or at a situation, it’s not meant for harm- well, sometimes at least- because the most harmless thing about me is my passion for others.  

There have been a lot of people that have asked and continue to ask me, “You really don’t care do you?” “Why are you doing that?” “Are you just asking for attention?”

People can’t seem to understand the beauty of being yourself.

The things that I value the most make up my core. I vouch to make sure that my family, friends, and whomever enjoy my presence just as much as I enjoy theirs.

I always complete my homework in a specific order so I can get it done as efficiently and quickly as I can.

I write down all of the important things that I have to do on a new sticky note as each week passes. I can’t go to sleep until everything is picked up in my room.

I care about the biggest and most important decisions in my life, my smallest obsessions, and all of the memories in between. It’s what makes us human. It is what makes us all so incredibly unique.

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