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Lykins or not: November election grows closer

James Lykins, Staff Writer

iThis election has become uglier as November nears. The race has gotten tighter and no one can be certain about who is going to win. Many people are still unsure of who they will be casting their ballot for come Nov 8. Many people don’t like Secretary Clinton because they feel that she is a liar and untrustworthy. This is an unfair accusation. Donald Trump, who calls her “Crooked Hillary,” has no right to this name-calling given his terrible record. If she is called “Crooked Hillary” then he should be called “Corrupt Donald.”

Trump has lied and manipulated people into believing that he is a trustworthy person. If you look at the facts, he has lied constantly throughout his campaign. He claims he was against the war in Iraq but publicly supported it.  He was one of the public leaders of the “birther movement” (a group who claiming President Obama was not born in the United States)  but now has lied and said Hillary started this ridiculous rumor.  He claims to be a super rich billionaire, but refuses to release his tax returns (something every presidential candidate in the modern era has done).   He has attacked the Clinton Foundation as corrupt despite its extensive work all over the world helping people, while his own foundation has bought personal portraits of himself for $258,000 for use in his businesses and made political donations to the Florida Attorney General, who then decided to not investigate his corrupt Trump University right after that donation.  He changed his position on his abortion beliefs 3 times in 8 hours.  He claims Vladimir Putin didn’t invade Ukraine when in fact Russia is occupying Crimea, which is part of Ukraine.  He has hired contractors and refused to pay them forcing them to sue him and then dragging out the matters in court so that the contractors could no longer afford the legal fight.   This is not a man of integrity.  This is a liar.    

His lying is so extensive that, according to Politifact, 53% of what he says is completely false.  Compare this to Sec. Clinton, who has a typical score of 13% consistent with President Obama and Speaker Paul Ryan.  There is a difference between a mistaken statement which of course does occur and outright lies. Trump’s mis-statements are so outrageous and conflict directly with what he has stated previously. People need to pay attention and always consider the source. If people really look into it, they will realize that Trump is the one with the honesty issues, not Sec. Clinton.   

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