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Grace is trying…

Grace Ruppert, Staff Writer

I’ve tried growing out my hair, getting homework done in less time, waking up early to get a good parking spot, and too many other things that never seem to stick.

But I’m not done trying. This year, I want to try something every month. These “things” should positively affect me or bring focus on other things in my life. Some habits don’t work, but if these do, I’d be excited for most of them.

With senior year in full swing already, I feel like I haven’t been able to catch my breath. Senior year classes are way harder than I expected, sports seem to be a bigger and bigger commitment as you get older, and you constantly have college “stuff” in the back of your mind. With my stress, and busy schedule I feel like I have already dropped some of my healthy habits. So to make senior year unique and memorable, I am on a mission to “try new things”. Whether they contribute to a “healthy lifestyle” or it’s an excuse to take a break and think of other things, I am willing to try them.

But since I and every senior seem to be pretty busy, I can’t attempt things that are too radical, difficult, or expensive. These “things” should be easy, enjoyable, and normal. I’m not trying to become a hippie or bada** for my senior year, just a more well-rounded, experienced version of myself.

Some “things” I hope to attempt this year:

  • Read a non school book/ Not watch Netflix for a month
  • Going vegetarian for a week
  • Going Green for a month
  • Write letters more often
  • Get back to reading news more consistently
  • Going to every sporting event and every play

Hopefully this column will appeal to all my readers. You can learn from my mistakes, or take my advice. Essentially, I am your guinea pig for the rest of the year. You don’t have to try the latest superfood, or read the newest bestseller, unless I tell you it’s worth it. To all my high school peers, hopefully you can decide whether some of these things are worth you trying, as well. These “things” could have a revolutionary effect on my year, and maybe yours too, we’ll see.

This journey will likely be rough, but i’ll likely learn a lot. I may find some passions, reignite previous loves for things, or feel self-hatred for choosing to put myself through something for a month, but it should all be fun. Yeah it might be disastrous at some times, but whatever, it’s too late now.


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