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Aspiring lawyers gear up for mock trial season

Katherine Lykins, Staff Writer

In a traditional courtroom you will find the prosecutors, the defense lawyers, and you will find the witnesses ready to present their case. Mock Trial is a simulation of exactly that, where you compete against other teams from many different schools across Michigan and beyond acting or “mocking” the foundation and structure of an actual trial. During the course of the year, the students participating could potentially have three competitions, regionals, states, and nationals to attend depending on their devotion and determination. These students have the opportunity to act as these lawyers and witnesses, not only teaching them beneficial skills but giving them an rare experience to learn about the real-life intensity that a court room displays.

“I had the idea to start Mock Trial here at East, and both Jack Swain and I went to a couple summer camps for it so we are going to run the team along with Mrs. Yates who is the teacher sponsor.” Clayton Dejong 17’ said, who is the principle founder of organization. “I think the overall experience of Mock Trial will make us think more like attorneys, and it helps you think on your feet.”

As Mock Trial Begins, students are excited to experience a once in a life-time opportunity to either learn what it takes to be a lawyer or witness in an environment as high pressure yet interesting as a courtroom and will also help develop critical thinking skills and gain public speaking abilities, or even prepare for a hopeful futuristic job

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