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Underclassmen introduce MEME Club to the high school

Hallie Butterer, Staff Writer

Interested in exploring the ironic nature of certain memes? Nick Scripps ‘19 is. That’s why he founded the truly iconic first ever meme club here at East Grand Rapids High School. Dat boi, Nick Scripps (oh shoot, waddup!) talks about why he started the club.

“Well, my friend, Oden, we were talking at lunch, and he says ‘wouldn’t it be really funny if we made a meme club?’, and I thought yeah that’s pretty funny. I think it’d also be pretty funny if I actually went to the office and filled out an application form. And now we’re actually having meetings,” said Scripps.

Memes are as ancient as the origins of the internet. Memes are created by connecting a seemingly unrelated picture or graphic to a caption to describe relatable experiences; however, memes have no boundaries. Anyone can create their own meme and display it on the internet about anything they want using meme generators online.

Different memes trend throughout time. A very ancient meme is the “ermahgerd” meme, something very seldom seen nowadays. A very big meme trend right now is the Joe Biden and Obama memes (which are hilarious, I highly recommend you search those up, 10/10), which depict fake conversations between the Vice President and President.

A timeless meme includes the overarching genre of self-deprecating humor.

Meme club has had a big turn out so far. Many fun, much memes.

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect; it could be anywhere from just me to 40 people,” he said.

The meme club’s objectives include identifying quality sources of memes, learning how memes spread throughout the internet, exploring the nature of ironic memes, and attempting to influence the meme market.

Scripps, the president of the club, informs us on his favorite memes.

“I really like Pepe the frog. That’s a good meme. He was really good back in the day, and also skeleton memes.”

Meme enthusiasts can obtain their memes from multiple sources such as Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, iFunny, Tumblr, or really anywhere on the Internet.

There are several different genres of memes including ironic memes, wholesome memes, or rage comics, but there is an infinity of specific types of memes. These include Doge, the coma guy, Pepe, Dat Boi, Shrek, The Bee Movie, Caveman Spongebob, and innumerable others.

Meme club member, Gaia Gamaggio ‘18 shares her experience with memes. “I get my memes from Facebook and Instagram,” she said. Gamaggio wants “to meet a wonderful community of meme lovers” through the meme club.

Gamaggio talks about her views on dank memes. “I have no favorite memes because I believe all memes are equal.”

Grant Williams ‘17 enjoys a good meme and wants to expand his meme horizons. “Some of my favorite memes include Caveman Spongebob, Rick Harrison memes, and Dat Boi.”

He gets primarily gets his memes from Reddit. “My favorite subreddits include r/me_irl, r/dankmemes, and r/wholesomememes.” Subreddits are smaller, specified categories of memes within the greater Reddit website.

Williams hopes to learn about other ways to acquire good memes and share good laughs with his friends who also enjoy memes.

Bobby Yarger ‘19, another meme enthusiast, talks about his goal in joining meme club. “I am hoping to get experience in the field of memes so I can get a job as a meme designer one day,” he said.

Two meme club meetings have already been held. For those who wish to join meme club, they hold weekly meetings every Tuesday, featuring presentations on various meme topics haha xD. Be there or be square, my dude.


  1. Find a topic you wish to create a dank/fresh meme about.
  2. Choose a funny picture that suits your relatable experience and drag it into photoshop.
  3. To add text, click the type tool icon and type a caption.
  4. Post your creation for the world to experience the hype surrounding memes.


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