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As spring break quickly approaches students share vacation plans

Pierce Ruppert, Staff Writer

You can feel it in the air. The birds are chirping and the sun is rising early. Spring is on it’s way.

As always, one of the biggest events of Spring in Michigan is Spring break. If you haven’t noticed, the countdown for Spring break has been going on on for nearly 70 days at the Senior Bench. Written across the window, large block numbers remind students each day just how close Spring break truly is. We’re currently 27 days away!

One of the major destinations for Spring Break among the Seniors is Punta Cana. Nearly 40 students will be heading to this destination in order to make some lifetime memories. Ashley Chuba ‘17 says, “I can’t wait to head to the beach and enjoy the sun with all my close friends!” Others are really excited to enjoy the ocean and snorkeling.

There will also be a group of senior girls heading to London for Spring Break. Rebecca Scobell ‘17 is one of these girls. “I’m super excited to go to London since it is such a great destination and has so much history,” says Scobell.

The junior class will be leaving for places all over the country. The Bahamas, Costa Rica, Marco Island, California are just a few of the many destinations. Kate Olsson ‘18 is most excited about getting a weak off of school and enjoying the warm weather in Palm Springs, California. Sounds like the right Spring break state of mind!

The underclassmen of East Grand Rapids will mainly be heading to Florida with other destinations sprinkled throughout the world.

Make sure to ask people about their Spring Break experience when everyone gets home!

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