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Jank or Dank Kabookie Week

Jack Theut, Business Manager

As Kabookie Week approaches it is evident that there are some significant changes taking place. The old format did a great job making the students at East Grand Rapids High School aware of mental health issues. However the new format focuses more on spreading positivity around the school. Instead of having people speak in an assembly, the student council will be focusing on bringing people together. This will be done through having an alternative spirit week that ends with an assembly.
This is a very positive revision to the way that Kabookie Week is run. Past assemblies featured students speeches about mental health so others would realize they are not alone. However students often felt down due to the negative nature of the event.
In my opinion, this year’s format for Kabookie week is dank, due to the fact that it’s all about spreading positive vibes. These gucci vibes will hopefully transfer over into the rest of the school year, and maybe even for years to come.
On top of this, the new kabookie week will bring students together through the various activities and games that will take place.
Another positive thing going down is the student council handing out free donuts at the beginning of the day. This a great way to begin the day because it motivates students to come to school early, and promotes the idea of giving, something that Kabookie embodied. The morning donuts will also give all the students the opportunity to congregate in a common area while they discuss the events that are going on throughout the week. This will create bonds that Kabookie would have loved to see.
Overall, Kabookie Week is a very unique, yet important event in our school that no other schools are fortunate enough to have. While the week is certainly fun, it serves a broader purpose, which is to be friendly to everyone, and give. These positive traits that the week strives to teach our important for all students to learn and they are the same things that Kabookie taught twenty years ago. While Kabookie may not be here today, his ideas and lessons are timeless and this week does a great job bringing them back to life.

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Jank or Dank Kabookie Week