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Music: the solution to helping you concentrate

Halsey Smith, Staff Writer

Arriving home after a long day at school with your backpack full to the brim and lots to do on your schedule stresses everyone out. Many students at East love to unwind while doing homework and studying by listening to music. It is proved that listening to music can help you focus, just like the saying Mozart makes you smarter. According to The, listening to music can actually eliminate other distractions, so the brain can focus on studying. However, the biggest question asked is: which genre of music is best for homework?

Every season, students’ favorites change as new music comes out or style changes. New music is shared around school and with friends. Favorites range from upbeat to chill and rap to alternative. “I listen to piano music, nothing with words,” said Susie Hartings ‘18.

Music can help you focus, change your mood, or motivate you to stay focused. Some students can only focus with calm music or no music at all. “I prefer not to listen to music when I do homework because I become distracted and always want to sing along,” says Olivia Brown ‘19.

Others listen to a range of genres, depending on their mood, stress level, or difficulty of work. Lily Kate Rogers ‘19 says, “I listen to chill music, a lot of remixes and sometimes EDM (electronic dance music)  stuff. Sometimes hardcore rap too.” This range of favorites allows for people to study listening to the type of music they prefer, no matter how helpful it is for focusing. It is a great escape from stress, but still allows you to stay tuned in to your work.

Listening to music is the perfect solution to help you concentrate while unwinding after a long day at school, no matter what time of the year, how stressed you are, or how much more work you have to do.

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Music: the solution to helping you concentrate