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James Lykins, Sports Editor

I am used to confrontation. I have debated various political topics in the newspaper, We the People, and even with my hockey teammates and coaches. I’m used to being called “Liberal,” “Democrat, “Obama” and even “Hillary Lover” by many of my peers and even my hockey coaches. As an underclassmen I used to get into heated debates, sparked by my peers. I would get so worked up about politics and embarrass myself infront of my fellow classmates. When I was younger I used to think that I could change what they thought, and make them believe what I believed. But as I got older I realized a few things. I realized that I wasn’t going to change their minds. The only reason people would want to debate me on certain issues was that they liked to heat me up for their personal amusement. So as I got older I learned to ignore what they were saying. I learned that when people think of James Lykins they think of politics, because that’s who I am. Politics is a complicated issue and I learned that you can’t change people’s beliefs by just debating them on certain issue. I’ve learned how to ignore the taunting I receive from my peers and not give in to the fighting. Politics is a complicated thing it’s a personal issue to many people. The past election was very emotional and the results were very difficult for people to accept. It was extremely difficult for me to accept. If this election had happened my freshman year I would’ve lost my mind and wouldn’t be able to accept that results. Now as a senior all though I still am losing my mind with whom our President is I am capable of accepting it.

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James Lykins Senior Column