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Keagan Haulenbeek Senior Column

Keagan Haulenbeek, Editor In-Chief

When I hear people talk about how they can’t wait to get out of East Grand Rapids, the one thing that pops into my mind is: why?
My years here at the high school have been the best of my life. Yes, I will have better years in the future, but I will always cherish the time that I have spent here, the memories I have made, and the close friends that I have found, who are more like brothers. Without the great high school experience that I had, I don’t know where I would be. I truly believe that this is because my experience took place at East Grand Rapids.
It is a school like none other. The staff here really wants to see you succeed, whether it is the guidance counselors, who are willing to meet with you at any time to talk about college and future decisions (take advantage of it), the teachers who bump up your 89.98% to a 90%, just because they like you, or Bruce, who manages to keep the names of every single one of us straight in his head, and always tells you to have a good day. All of them want to see us do great things. The students here are a great support system. They’re all nice kids, and they are all willing to help you out with any problems you may run into. Not to mention the football games. East Grand Rapids football games are the pinnacle of my high school experience. At these games, I made memories that will last a lifetime.
Because of all of this, I am proud to say that I went to East. It has been an awesome experience. I grew and changed a lot as a person, and became someone that I am proud to be today.
With all of that being said, next time you feel stressed out, or like nothing’s going right, take a step back and reflect on how fortunate you are to call East your home. Roll ‘neers.

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Keagan Haulenbeek Senior Column