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Liz Schumar Senior Column

Liz Schumar, Focus Editor

My past four years at EGR have been full of highs and lows like everyone else. I have loved my experience at East, but it is a competitive environment.
Grades matter a lot. Almost everyone is on a sports team. Competition can be good. But sometimes I have compared myself to others too much. What I have realized throughout high school though, is that grades, sports, and what school you go to does not define who you are or what you will become.
I have an amazing group of friends who are not only great friends but also really successful in sports and academics. It has been hard to not compare myself to them or the other students around me.
Although you can easily compare yourself to the superstars who get 4.0, and get recognized for their sports. I would suggest not to fall into that trap. Sometimes I wish I would have kept a more positive attitude on myself then comparing myself friends. Who seemed to have it all.
Some of the best moments of high school for me were watching my friends do well — like watching Auden and Grace winning a state title, Anna make nationals in gymnastics, Lily making Madrigals choir this past year, Ashley making varsity tennis freshman year, and Justine placing at the world cup for fencing. Being with my friends in general has been the most fun. Honestly, we have spent a good amount of time dancing, which I love.
Although it has been hard to stop comparing myself, I’ve learned some valuable things through this process.
Looking back, I would not change anything. I might not be my friends in the top 15, but I am still going to the school I have always wanted to go to.
Also, just because you can’t measure or put a label on who you are, you are fine.
I’ve had to work hard like everyone else, and because I have worked hard I know that I did everything I could. The next time something comes I will be prepared.
Finally don’t compare yourself to others, and do the best you can. Recognize your strengths, because it makes you, you.

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Liz Schumar Senior Column