Students attend Renaissance conference on school culture

Paul Janes, Staff Writer

The Jostens Renaissance Conference for students around Michigan took place a few weeks ago at Michigan State University. The conference was an attempt to make schools better and to let students “find their grind”. One of the main goals of this conference was to teach students the 5 R’s, these five R’s stand for respect, recognize, reward, and reinforce. If you have these four, then the last R, results, will ensue. According to the official Jostens website these results will include higher grades, higher morale, and an overall culture of happiness in the school.
Many students from EGR attended this event and had the opportunity to learn these values from speaker, Mike Smith. One student, Benjamin Sorota ‘20 said that this system of the 5 R’s had a big impact on his school life.
“The stories shared left a huge impact on me and I look forward to being able to share the values that were discussed to my classmates,” said Sorota. The conference also featured many other things besides from the speaker.
“I really enjoyed how it was nothing like a typical conference. There was music, bands, and amazing speakers. It’s definitely something I would do again and would recommend to other people,” said Sorota.
Other students also learned from this conference. Anton Ludwig ‘19 said, “They offered new perspectives on how we can initiate change in our schools and our lives, and how we should follow our passion, whatever it may be.”
Students at East are looking forward to seeing the impact that this conference had on the school and are hoping to see the results in the near future.