Political clubs give students a voice in government

Michael Barnes , Staff Writer

The political climate in this day and age is as toxic as ever. The controversial election cycle, political upheavals and protests have dominated news on a national level. As a result, staying informed and involved is vital for everyone, especially those who will be deciding our representatives for years to come. Several students here at East have taken initiative in this process by getting involved in various political clubs that the school has to offer. Organizations such as Young Democrats and Young Conservatives are dedicated to making a difference in the political community today, and are developing habits that will make them excellent citizens in the process.
“We work to support local organizations and candidates that represent our values while encouraging political participation throughout the school” Colleen Janes ‘18, and treasurer of the Young Democrats club said, “It’s important because so much of what goes on in our government affects our everyday lives, so we should speak up for what we want to see happen”.
The general narrative of government in America is a negative one, however few people are doing anything to change it. Governmental approval ratings are reaching all time low numbers, and in this past presidential election, only 58 percent of eligible voters went to the polls to cast their ballot; it is crucial that more people engage themselves in the political process to ensure that government is representative of the population.
“I think it’s very important to stay politically involved and express your opinions. This is the best way to see the change that you want in government” Leo Schneider ‘18, president of the Young Conservatives said.
No matter what your political views are, joining one of these clubs is a perfect way to get involved in catalyzing change that you want to see, which all students should take advantage of.