The dynamic sister duo on the court

Olivia Brown ’19 and Jillian Brown ’21 make a good Girls Varsity Basketball team great


Anna VanderLaan, Staff Writer

It isn’t hard to tell that Olivia and Jillian Brown are sisters. The girls share the same house, the same brown curls, the same fun-loving personality, but the resemblance doesn’t stop there. Both Junior and Freshman are remarkably talented at playing basketball: a sport for which the Brown girls share a passion.

Anyone who has seen a Girl’s Varsity Basketball game this year could tell you that the Brown sisters bring an energy to the sport that is hard to ignore. Olivia and Jillian both began their high school basketball career on varsity, and they dribble, pass, and shoot like pros.

“I am loving basketball this year,” Olivia said, “I think our team has a ton of potential.”

“Everything has been great,” Jillian agreed, who said she is looking forward to “getting closer with the team” in the second half of her freshman season.

The ins and outs of high school basketball are completely new for Jillian, however it’s not just the freshmen who have had a fresh start. This season is especially unique because it’s the players’ first year with their new coach, and the girls spent the first part of the season acclimating to the change.

“I really like Coach Hammond.,” Olivia said. “He is dedicated to our team and he has a passion for the sport.”

The sisters routinely practice together in the off-season, however this year is their first time playing on the same school team. The girls spend time in their backyard court and in open-gym helping each other become better players, and this year Jillian has followed in her sister’s footsteps being the only freshman on Varsity.

“I would say overall I love playing with Jillian because we have gotten really close,” Olivia said. “She is an amazing player so I feel lucky to be able to play with her.”

The Brown sisters have a close relationship both on and off the court. During games, the girls play with a strong connection that only comes from being blood related. The bond Olivia and Jillian share extends far beyond basketball as well; the girls can be seen talking, laughing, and hanging with each other in all other non-basketball aspects of their busy lives.

“The Brown sisters work really well together on the court,” teammate and long-time family friend Mary Schumar ‘19 said. “They embrace each other’s strengths and use it to win against other teams.”

Playing on a team with a sister definitely has its benefits, however, family ties can sometimes cause a little conflict. Anyone with a sibling could verify that the relationship has ups and downs, and Olivia and Jillian are no exception.

“Honestly, Jullian and I bicker on the court,” Olivia admitted, “but overall we just want to make each other the best versions of ourselves possible.”

For the Brown girls, it’s 110 percent all the time and the effort they put into basketball definitely shows in competition. Like the good athletes they are, Olivia and Jillian are always looking for a way to improve their game.

“I’d like to think I’m a well rounded player overall, but I can work on everything,” Jillian said, who looks up to Olivia as a player and an older sister.  

As a Junior, Olivia excels not only at the fundamentals of basketball, but in leadership as well. As a captain this year, she dedicates herself to supporting her teammates and keeping a positive attitude. Like her sister, Olivia never fails to stay humble, and she is always striving to be a better player.

“I can improve in every area of my game and that is my goal,” Olivia said.

The girls team has a 8-1 record this year, and they have high hopes for the rest of the season ahead. Doing well in the state tournament is a big goal for the team and our girls have both the skill and the heart to go far.

“I expect the rest of the season to go really well,” Olivia said. “I am looking forward to team bonding and trying to make it to states. As long as we work hard and believe in ourselves we will go far.”

Stay tuned to the girls basketball team this winter season and you won’t be disappointed. The girls have plenty of exciting games to come, and based on how they have been playing this year, victories are ahead, The dynamic of the team this year is amazing to watch because the girls play together so well, and every time our EGR ballers hit the court, there’s always hard work, effort, and dedication from all of the players. And now, with both Olivia and Jillian Brown on the team, there’s bound to be some sisterly love as well.