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Why to spend your summer working

Current students' experience of getting a job around East GR

Ally Jackoboice, Staff Writer

Just like past years, at the start of 2018 students participated in the annual traditions of watching the ball drop and celebrating the fresh start of a new year. But the beginning of 2018 also brought new, New Year’s resolutions. For many students those include the hope of finding a job for the fast-approaching summer months. For upperclassmen, this can be especially important with the prospects of college next year. Many parents ask for their kids to start saving up. There is already an abundance of students at East who have summer and year round jobs but there are plenty of businesses still looking to hire in the coming months. If you are looking for a job for this summer, don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it might seem.

Libby Moskal ‘18 has a job at a local elderly home, Beacon Hill, working as a server. Moskal has been working at Beacon Hill for a little over a year.

“I live near Beacon Hill and I knew they were hiring so I went during the summer and got an application,”  Moskal said. Moskal applied to Hall Street Bakery as well but ended up choosing Beacon Hill. Her job as server is year round except three months during tennis season.

“I never thought I would want to work with old people but I love it,” Moskal said.

Peter Kratt ‘18 also has a job in the service industry at the new Kilwins traditional chocolate shop in Gaslight Village.

“I work as a hot production maker at Kilwins,” Kratt said.

Like Moskal, Kratt also filled out a couple different applications.

I sent my application out to a couple companies but that was the only one I got back because, ya know, demand for fudge is really high as of now, and we like the make to supply chain high,” Kratt said. Kratt says he enjoys his job and the benefits that go along with it

Another student in the service industry is Owen Stecco ‘18, a sandwich maker at Blimpies. Like Moskal, Stecco works mostly in the summer with less shifts during the school year.

“It’s a year round job but I work more in the summer because I’m more [free]” Stecco said. Stecco got his job because of the family connection he already had at Blimpie.

“Both my siblings work at Blimpie so it’s kind of a family affair. I got it from them,” Stecco said. Despite the hard work and forced family time, Stecco states that he does enjoy his job.

“I love my job, I love making sandwiches more than anything on earth,” Stecco said.

For students worrying about stressful work schedules and boring jobs, according to current working students, it not as bad as it seems.

“I would recommend applying anywhere and something that you actually enjoy, and just apply there even if you’re nervous about starting a new job. You never know how you’ll grow as a person,” Moskal said.

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Why to spend your summer working