Jessie Trube, field hockey aficionado, committed to play in college

Nora Verdier, Staff Writer

Jessie Trube ‘18 discovered her love for field hockey in the fourth grade when she participated in fall and spring clinics at her elementary school. Eight years later, she has gone through all four years of high school playing field hockey, and will continue to throughout college.

Trube has committed to play at Slippery Rock University, a Division II school in Pennsylvania, and she could not be more excited.

“Field hockey has always had a positive impact on my life – it has boosted my confidence and has acted as a good stress reliever throughout high school,” Trube said.

While field hockey has been a major part of her life since she first fell in love with the sport in fourth grade, Trube not only has enjoyed the physical aspects of field hockey, but the social aspects as well.

“My favorite part about field hockey is the team,” Trube explains. “I really like playing, but I also love the support from teammates.”

Because she has been on the field hockey team since her freshman year, Trube has developed lasting friendships with team members who have always cheered each other on to get through the daily stresses of being a high school student. Overall, their support has made her a more confident and happy person.

A notable moment of Trube’s field hockey career was the “Somewhere in Time” vintage game in which each player dressed up and reenacted a 1905 field hockey game.

“It was a really fun time and a good experience,” Trube said.

However, this is only one of the many amazing moments Trube has from playing on the EGR field hockey team.

“In these past four years,” Trube recollects, “I would describe field hockey as wild, fun, and productive.”

East Grand Rapids varsity field hockey coach Ingrid Fournier said that even though this was her first year coaching Trube, she was impressed with her leadership because of her intensity and her love of field hockey.

“Her passion for the sport is obvious to anyone who is able to witness her tenacity on the field,” Fournier said.

With all of the great memories Trube has gained throughout her four years as a member of the East Grand Rapids team, she will greatly miss it. However, playing high school field hockey has given her both the physical and mental experience that will help her be a successful field hockey player in college.

Through years of playing, Trube has learned that “field hockey takes not only a lot of athleticism, but also a lot of dedication, self-motivation, and a positive attitude.”

With these skills and mindset that she has acquired throughout her high school career, Trube is excited to move on to a higher level of field hockey and will surely have an amazing time playing the sport she loves.