The president’s personal life does matter

Paul Janes, Staff Writer

Donald Trump, despite being elected President of the United States just a year and a half ago, has sought the attention of the American people and the world for most of his life. While he began his career working at his parents’ real estate development business in Brooklyn, he soon became prominent in the New York high society and nationwide with his television show, The Apprentice.

So it is no surprise that Donald Trump’s personal life, including his various affairs, has been under the public spotlight for so long. Especially after his election as President on Nov. 8, 2016, every aspect of his life is now being scrutinized by the American people.

Most recently, Trump has been accused of having a sexual relationship with the Adult Film star, Stormy Daniels. Daniels claims to have had a sexual encounter with President Trump in 2006, a year after he had married his current wife Melania Trump. This has drawn many comparisons between President Trump’s actions to what former President Bill Clinton did in office with Monica Lewinsky.

Due to the precedent set with the Lewinsky scandal and President Clinton, I do believe that President Trump’s personal life is in the interest of the American people. If a president has been impeached off of sexual allegations, than the personal life of our president does matter. Although many people are concerned about the hundreds of millions that President Trump has spent on his trips to Mar-A-Lago, or the fact that the First Lady won’t hold his hand in public, I think that the concern should be focused on these allegations. In the past President Trump has been recorded making very lude comments, and there is proof of this. If he can still be elected President of the United States after making sexual assault seem nonchalant, then the focus on his personal life is justified.

Although there may be overreactions to many facets of President Trump’s lifestyle choices, there is also facets of his life that need to be focused on. Because the President represents our country’s intentions, it is important for the people to focus on what he does both in and out of the White House.