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Middle school implements new trimester schedule

Meredith Gillespie

Meredith Gillespie

Simon Lafleur, Staff Writer

Big changes are coming to the middle school during the 2018-2019 school year. To allow for middle schoolers to have more electives, the administration has decided to change from the traditional semester style of school to trimesters. Instead of getting to switch their two electives per available slot twice a year, classes will switch three times per year.

In the proposed changes released by the administration at the middle school, they outline their plans for the students. First, the students will take a class called BRIDGES.

“This course will meet once-a-week for 35 minutes in a smaller class format. Students will remain together as a three year cohort and experience the BRIDGES class together with the same teacher. BRIDGES will support many developmental topics and facilitate many practical existing initiatives. BRIDGES stands for Building Relationships through Inclusion, Diversity, Group Experiences, and Self-Actualization,” says Mr. Morey and Mrs. Schram, the principal and vice principal at the middle school. They also aim to increase team building, decrease report cards, and revamp the health class for 8th graders.

Recently, these changes were greenlit by the school board.

In regards to this, Morey said, “I am confident that these changes will enhance the goals identified in the proposal and will provide a framework for continuous improvement going forward. While much of the groundwork has be paved, there are important practical elements that we will finalize prior to formal explanation and introduction to students.  Students will receive a full and detailed overview of these changes during their spring school counseling sessions in late April/May.”

He then urged students and parents to reach out to him or anyone else in the middle school administration with any questions.

There are many positive changes stemming from trimesters. Students will be able to experience more electives which will be extremely positive for students. For example, students who previously needed to choose between music and art class will have the opportunity to do both. This major change at the East Grand Rapids Middle School will be extremely beneficial to many students.

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Middle school implements new trimester schedule