No friend group, no problem

Hannah Stuursma, Focus Editor

I strongly believe that I have met some of the greatest people that I will ever meet just in my 4 years at the high school.  I owe it to blended classes regarding grade levels, sports teams, and an extroverted personality. These have all forced me to step out of my comfort zone and talk to people who have different interests.  More importantly, I owe it to my loose or almost non-existent friend group. Going into high school, I was intimidated by the upperclassman and the relationships my friends had with some of them. I was overwhelmingly concerned about creating a group of friends that would carry all the way to my senior year. A group to sit with at every assembly, go out to lunch everyday, and sit side by side at graduation. My wide range of friends has allowed me to branch out to many people.  It has been like a domino effect. Not having a concrete groups of friends has felt, well, somewhat rewarding. I feel as if it is easier for me to talk to people who would normally not be in my realm. I also believe it has helped me become a better leader, whether it is during athletics or school. I never felt inclined to make plans because every weekend was a new, fun experience with different people. In summation, a loose friend group has given me the freedom that I was hoping for in high school.

The takeaway from my friend and social experience in high school is that you should always keep an open mind in who you are talking to.  Although cliche, don’t judge a book by its cover. High school is about much more than having the most perfect friends who are just like you.  It is about experiences that will make a mark on your life. I am so lucky to have met such incredible people and have amazing experiences throughout high school.