An inside look into the film club


Anna VanderLaan

The faces of the club are Elijah Becker ’20 and Katie Hessler ’20.

Bailey Vydareny, Staff Writer

For those who are interested in joining a new club, film club may be the one for you.

This club is open to those who already have an interest or are curious about films of all types.

Film club, run by co-presidents Katie Hessler ‘20 and Elijah Becker ‘20, is new to the school’s roster of student clubs.

We wanted to start the club to give those interested in film a platform to discuss film making and films,” Hessler ‘20 said.

Hessler loves and appreciates films, and wanted to share those feelings with others who are inspired by films too.

“We thought viewing nights would promote the art of film, and also provoke discussion over the use of shots, cinematography and visual symbols to establish meaning within the film,” Hessler said.

Lots of thought has gone into picking the films that are going to be shown by the club.

“Mrs. Steers compiled a list of films provided by the licensing company we use, Swank. We then released a survey for those films. We took the films voted top 8 from that survey,” Hessler said.

The club chose films that they thought would show a variety of topics and interest all types of people.

“We are showing a variety of films. They were made at various time periods (“Mildred Pierce” 1945, “The Sixth Sense” 1999, “Inception” 2010) , and some of them are from foreign countries (“The Salesman” Iran, “Battle of Memories” China),” Hessler said.

The films are not only from all over, but also display many different types of shooting a movie, something many people do not know about.

“We picked films of multiple genres which are shot in different styles (“Loving Vincent” is a film done in oil painted animation)”.

Films are being shown once a month on Fridays at 7 p.m. in the Little Auditorium.

However, there is one exception to this schedule.

“We are showing “Mildred Pierce” between the first and second exam period,” Hessler said.

This is a perfect break from the stress of exams for those who are interested in viewing the film noir starring Joan Crawford.

The film club is looking to expand though, and would be thrilled to welcome any other film enthusiasts or those looking to learn more about the art of films.