Annual blood drive is a staple of Kabookie week

Bailey Vydareny, Staff Writer

On Thursday Jan. 31, a blood drive will be held in the aux gym in honor of Kabookie week.

Kabookie week is a week to encourage helping others, and the blood drive is a great way to do just that.

The blood drive is run by student council. The students have been working for months to smooth out details and making donating as easy as possible for students and others interested.

“We are the people who sign up donors we also work the day of helping students remember their appointment and helping in the recovery area after blood is drawn,” Anna Edelman ‘22 said on being a student council member helping with the blood drive.

Those interested in donating blood should talk to a student council member.

“[Student council is] at all lunches and before school at a table outside the cafeteria we have information and the forms to sign you up,” Edelman said.

Though many students may be interested, there are some restrictions on donating.

“Students must be 16 to donate if they are 16 they must have parents permission and sign a form that [student council] will provide,” Edelman said.

“If they are 17 and up they don’t need parents permission but new donors still need to sign the form.”

Olivia Spagnuolo ‘19 donated blood for the first time as a sophomore through the Kabookie week blood drive in 2017.

Since then, Spagnuolo has been a regular donor.

“It’s super important to donate blood because blood is constantly needed. It’s also a relatively easy way to give back to the community,” Spagnuolo said on why she donates blood.

Spagnuolo is eager to encourage others to donate too.

“Try not to think about it too much, don’t psych yourself out – just do it. Honestly donating is not as bad as it may look when you first walk in to donate and doesn’t hurt that much. It’s definitely worth it!” Spagnuolo said as advice to first time donors.

Whether you are contemplating on donating for the first time or have donated before, the blood way is a great way to impact the lives of others in the spirit of Kabookie.