My take on the impeachment of Trump


Keaton Smith

It's time for Donald Trump to resign, but he won't.

Ben Alter, Photographer

As the government looms into its thirty second day of the shutdown, the longest the government has ever been shut down, the question of whether to impeach or to not impeach the president has begun to be asked. Many different special interest groups have called for Trump’s Resignation or for the impeachment process to begin.

Impeachment itself is a very demanding process. It works like this: a representative from the house must call a vote on the charges for impeachment, if the vote passes with a two thirds majority, the conviction is then up to the senate.

The senate acts like judge and jury in this situation. They review the charges, check facts and evidence, and eventually vote. If a two thirds majority is reached, then the President is convicted and booted.

Chances of the president actually being impeached, unfortunately, are very unlikely. With the Democrats now in control of the house, and the republicans still holding on to the senate, and not enough republicans hold the same opinion that the democrats do about Mr. Trump.

Unless a larger than life scandal about collusion with the Russian government comes to light, or the conclusion from Mueller investigation finishes with something, the sitting President probably won’t change.

Although, with newly elected representatives, like Nancy Pelosi and Representative Rashida Talib-who really doesn’t like trump, even going as far to say, “We’re going to go in and impeach the motherf***er” on camera-hopes and wishes of impeachment gain support.

Subsequently, Trump has stated that democrats only want to impeach him because of his success. “They only want to impeach me because they know they can’t win in 2020, too much success!”.

Honestly in my opinion, I believe that it’s time for him to resign, but he won’t. Impeachment is a process that we can be tried, but with the Senate’s majority and the president’s stubbornness, he won’t go out without a fight.

I think it’s time for someone competent to be in the office of power, but it’s unlikely it will happen anytime soon.

The best we can do is elect better officials in 2020 (which the field is already starting to look interesting, especially with prospective candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden).

The power is in the peoples hands, and it’s almost time for us to fix this mess that we made in 2016.