Our Beloved Vending Machine

Tina Duoibes, Web Editor

During the long grueling school day, many students make the journey to the second-floor vending machine for a sugar-induced pick-me-up throughout the day.

However, the vicious machine has a history of holding many snacks hostage in its mists creating distress among candy connoisseurs. To be frank: snacks are constantly getting stuck in the upstairs vending machine.

“It got stuck on the corner between the pieces of plastic,” Jesse Henderson ’21 explained.

The traumatizing occurrence happens multiple times daily.

“It was really annoying because it was in between classes,” Henderson ’21 said. “I had to tell my teacher I got something stuck in the vending machine and I had to miss class time and go get help.” 

Never-the-less, there is a solution to your snack emergency. If your snacks ever get stuck in the vending machine, stop by the Links room and they will reimburse your loss with a new snack of your choice.

Despite that, victims of the vending machine will go to get lengths to find their own creative solutions.

“When my snickers got stuck,” Ashley Eakin ’23 said. “I started to bang on the vending machine and started crying.”

Ultimately, it’s well-known within the student body that the vending machines are to be used with caution. But, if all efforts fail to rescue your snack, you can always stop by the market, run by special needs students, during passing times to say hello and buy your snacks free of any distress.