Sailing season comes to an end

Olivia Borgula, Staff Writer

“One of my favorite memories was placing 3rd at the club 420 Junior Olympics with my sister Elizabeth Grin,” said Caroline Grin, a junior on the varsity sailing team this past year. After the duration of the two month season, Grin and other athletes reminisce about the team comradery.

“This year we really grew closer as a team and became a family. My favorite part about the season [was] the overnight regattas and the team dinners because it’s really good bonding time,” said sophomore Kelly Couvier. 

“I’m going to miss our team dinners after practice and hanging out with the team,” Grin added.

One achievement from the season included going to an all-girls qualifier at the beginning of the season. The team also tried to qualify for nationals at San Diego, but unfortunately missed the cutoff by 2 points. 

“It was a really big achievement to sail among some of the best schools in the Midwest,” Couvier said. 

Although there were many good parts about the season, Couvier said the biggest challenge she faced was having a positive attitude. 

“I would always be really hard on myself when I would make a mistake or mess up. The other hard part was the feeling that you thought you let down your team and that they would be disappointed in you, even though they never were.” 

Looking towards the future, the team is optimistic because they will not be losing any seniors.

“I’m looking forward to hopefully being a more dominant team next year,” Grin said. “Because we’re not losing any seniors!”