Marching band season has come to an end

Lilly Vydareny, Staff Writer

Photo Credit: Kiki Katsumata-Smith

The sound of perfectly blended melodies are carried around East.  Everyone knows the sound. One might say that the East’s marching band is one of the defining characteristics of the town.  But as football season ends, so does Marching Band season.  

It’s bittersweet to many of the seniors who have spent most of their high school playing in the well-known stands. 

 “It has been an amazing experience that I’ll never forget,” Sydney Bardeggia ‘20 said. “During these past 4 years it’s been a real rollercoaster, but the program has been thriving this year.” 

Bardeggia has been playing in a band for 8 years and spent the last 4 in the one at East. 

“Being a senior in marching band is great, it’s nice to be able to give underclassmen advice and it’s been great being a squad leader for the past 3 years. Band has been a big part of my life for so long, they are like a family to me, and the marching band really brings everyone closer together” she said.  

Band obviously creates a strong and powerful community for many students.  The members are a close-knit group and have lots of fun together. They must be in full uniform for every game except for the Halloween costume themed game, so most enjoy going all out at this game.  

Marching band ending has this year’s senior class closing a chapter, however, they can look forward to the concert season and making even more memories with their band family.