When is PDA ok?


Kaelin Chauvez , Staff Writer

Photo credit: Sophie Mustert

In the picture: Luke Socie and Ashton Papp

Many people in high school say the same phrase, “PDA is not okay,” but how much does that apply? PDA in schools has become more and more frequent, due to our generation acting and looking older than they actually are. 

PDA is becoming more acceptable in school because we have been more accepting of people’s identities and feelings in schools as there has been a shift in social norms in public. 

On the contrary, people are not so welcoming to PDA because it should be kept at home or in private. It is something many people believe to find gross to share in front of others, such as in school. “ It doesn’t offend me, I just don’t like it,” claimed Jordan Plumstead, and many people can easily agree with this statement.

Hugs are the most common form of PDA in schools because even friends are hugging each other whether it is because of a bad day or simply because they care for them. 

Another term that defines PDA is the saying, “I love you.” That phrase has lost its importance completely and is no longer significant like it used to be. People would automatically start saying it after a couple of months of dating when it used to be said when two people starting thinking of marriage.

Our society has changed throughout the last couple of years and has become an accepting community. Relationships and commitment should still be preserved and the idea of two people loving each other should never change because love should always be the same and stay significant.

Many seniors in our high school do not completely agree with PDA during school because, “You don’t need to be attached to the hip of your significant other,” believes Megan Tineralla ’20.

Even though PDA is not prominent in East Grand Rapids, there are always instances that happen that make many people feel uncomfortable or mad because that’s not something we came to school for.

The most important thing to remember when getting in a high school relationship is that there is a line of PDA that you shouldn’t cross while at school. Luke Socie thinks that you, “Do hold hands, do NOT make out in the hallways. There is a fine line that cannot be crossed. Sometimes the line can be blurry, but it’s important to know where that line is.”