Kiki’s Cats Review

Kiki's Cats Review

Kiki Katsumata-Smith, Photographer

I had the incredible opportunity to see the phenomenal film “Cats” with my good friends Ella DeVries and Grace Griemsman. 

At first, I was shocked and almost frightened by the strange furry costumes, however, as the movie progressed I was intrigued and had a slight urge to pet their bellies. The music was hard to follow and there were few songs that I could actually understand, yet this is not a bad thing because it kept me on my toes and I was constantly surprised by the cats’ actions. 

Through the few scenes I did understand I recognized them as heart-wrenching, and comparable to those in the award-winning movie, “Les Miserables”. 

The movie is often criticized as having a confusing plot, however, it’s not that the plot confusing it’s more that it’s non-existent. 

Nevertheless, I’d argue that despite the chaotic musical numbers, and the lack of plot, there must have been a deeper meaning hidden within the movie that I am not sophisticated enough to understand. Therefore this movie was a complete and utter masterpiece.