The district welcomes a new head custodian


Tina Duoibes, Web Editor

Photo Cred: Kiki Katsumata-Smith

This month the district welcomed a new staff member, David Mccart, who will take on the role of the new Head Custodian. 

“One thing that struck me [about East] was just how welcoming and friendly everyone was,” said Mccart. “It’s just a great place to be and everyone I met was so nice and it was like it was too good to be true.” 

Mccart has big shoes to fill after the beloved Bruce Towne left the district in January. However, he described the interview process as being quick and easy despite there being any intricate parts to the process to ensure that the right person was chosen for the job.

Prior to getting the job, Mccart has worked for Grand Rapids Public Schools in the past but is really looking forward to the chapter of his life in the district. Mccart was working a supply job when he found out about the job at East.

Already, Mccart has done a great job and the students appreciate the work he has already put into the schools, especially all the work put into Spirit Week from all the janitorial staff.

Something interesting about him is that he has done radio since he was 10 years old.

“I had a lot of fun and did a lot of cool things,” said Mccart. “I’ve met a lot of cool people as well like Taylor Swift and Brittney Spears.”

Coming into a new job can be difficult, especially when the person before you was as loved as Bruce. Nonetheless, the students have already shown Kabookie’s spirit by welcoming Mccart into the school district. Make sure to say hello in the hallways and he might even show you his pictures with Taylor and Brittney.