Gym intimidation in the weight room might be more common then you think


Becca Meyer-Rasmussen, Staff Writer

“My freshman year I came into the weight room and started doing a bench press. When I looked across the weight room I saw a huge group of senior guys laughing at me and I felt so uncomfortable,” said Lydia Papp ‘20. 

The weight room at East Grand Rapids has been the base behind so many teams and individual success, however, it is also the source behind why many fear to seek help with fitness goals.

There are many reasons a person can be intimidated to work out whether that’s not having the right clothes or no people to go with or even just being scared of the equipment itself. At East Grand Rapids one of the main intimidations is the people and the culture of the weight room.

One of the strength trainers at the weight room sees it all differently. “Working out is like therapy, but it’s free here,” said Devon. 

Many students would agree with Devon’s thinking. One student Emma Henkey can be seen there during every season whether it’s during a sport or not. “I like that I have my own space to work out and there’s always help there if I need it,” said Henkey ‘21. 

While some students aim to go to the East weight room everyday others have found new ways and places to workout. 

“I decided to start going to MVP because the weight room has too many people, and when it’s that crowded I’m less motivated,” Carly Krupp ‘20.

As this problem continues to grow, enthusiastic weight room goers grow fewer. There is a problem with the culture in this weight room and the way students treat new faces. The strength coaches and interns work very hard to create an environment where students feel safe, but at the end of the day, the problem is among the students.