Wrestlers end their successful season

Becca Meyer-Rasmussen, Staff Writer

“Extra hours after practice, early morning runs, giving up time with friends and family, and of course giving up food” John Shelton ‘20. Wrestlers have to go through an immense amount of stress in order to do well. They also have to work really hard both physically and mentally on their journey to success. 

This year’s East Grand Rapids wrestling team is lower in numbers than in past years, but morale is high as they enter into regional and state parts of their season. 

“We have lost 3 wrestlers since the beginning of the season. But the guys who have stayed have really worked super hard and practiced a lot and get better with each match that they wrestle” team manager, Elizabeth Afton ‘21. 

This year the team is hoping to send three athletes to states, however, one wrestler, in particular, has his eye on a state championship. 

“I’ve been training for this my whole life. As long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to win a state championship in high school.” Shelton ‘20. He has worked very hard to ensure his chance at winning a state championship. The perseverance that Shelton has used this year, after the tough loss at states last year, is impressive. 

As the season progresses the more individual accomplishments are being achieved. John Shelton has made it to 150 wins in his wrestling career with Declan Lee following closely at 100 wins. 

“Wrestling is the hardest sport I’ve ever played and I’ve done football, baseball, and track. It’s definitely a step above all the other ones.” Lee ‘20

The mental aspect plays a larger role in wrestling than it does in many other sports. This is why the success of the EGR wrestling team is so impressive. 

“The mental work sometimes feels harder than physical work. You have to really buy into what you’re being taught at practice so you can know how to execute in a match.” Eran Marx ‘21. Marx has been putting in the work at practice, and he is hoping to make it to states this year. With his eyes on the prize and his strong mentality, he will be tough to beat. 

Although the numbers were low, the team has fought strong and the postseason will be fun to watch and exciting to follow.