Making the best of uncertain times

Becca Meyer-Rasmussen, Staff Writer

School was canceled three days ago, March 12, due to Covid-19. The streets are still full of people like me, unaware of the severity of this epidemic. I look down and see a text from my friend saying she will be on a strict at-home quarantine from her mother for the next two weeks.

At this point, I am still under the impression that groups of less than 100 were acceptable with a 3-foot distance at all times. That means that every day of that month off from school will be spent with my friends.

Although I am sad about my friend’s news, I quickly remind myself that it is just two weeks and I’ll be able to spend that time with my other friends. 

That night my mom begins to discuss the idea of a family lockdown of our own. 

I start to protest this, but once she explains how rapidly the cases were going up and how easily the disease was spread I begin to understand. 

Everything hits me at once, the severity of this disease and the impact it will likely have on my life. No more volleyball and no more track. No more school and no more friends. 

It is a gloomy future I am looking into. 

Thinking of the never-ending cycle of school sports sleep repeat was starting to look like something of the distant past and also something I began to crave. 

A feeling of emptiness starts to set in. I am uncertain of what the future holds as well as how long this could last. 

However, with all these uncertainties surrounding me, I feel as though I need to take a step back. I was focusing too much on how this was going to negatively impact me rather than trying to make the most of it, or even helping others who are worse off than I am from this pandemic. 

I decided to turn these many losses into a once in a lifetime opportunity. One full of learning new skills and improving old ones that haven’t been used as much. 

I am currently raising a puppy, and learning how to draw. I also learned how to count to ten in Japanese. One way I have helped others is by supporting local restaurants and artists. I’ve been grateful for this time to really reflect on my priorities and how I spend my time and my money.