Front Porch Profile – Jane Miller ’23

Clare Backus, Staff Writer

“It was the day before the stay home order was put in place. My family and I went to this farm and we played with all these dogs for a while. We decided to get an English Cream Golden puppy, who was eleven weeks old. We had a lot of names in mind but decided to go with Louis. My family always wanted another dog and we are all home right now, so we can all take care of him and it just seemed like a really good time. We also knew that we wanted to get a boy because we already have a girl. Louis pees in the house and is super wild and bitty, but he is really sweet and fun to play with. He has been getting very big, he is already 18 pounds. When we brought him home, my other dog Penny was afraid of him. Penny and Louis love to play with each other now, besides when Louis bites her. I really like to sit there and cuddle with Louis because he is super fluffy and soft. Louie keeps me busy, so I am not as bored in quarantine.”