Front Porch Profile – Evelyn Sprague ’22

Madeleine Kim, Staff Writer

“It has been hard to stay inside and not see any friends or be able to visit family on holidays. It is all worth it in the end just trying to keep people safe and healthy. My parents have both been working from home, which is definitely weird because now we don’t have a dining room because it has been transformed into an office. My brother is in college so he is home working on his college classes. I have been spending my time baking, playing video games, cleaning, and trying to stay active. I miss being able to hang out with my friends and being able to participate in the [school] musical, but I am glad about how low pollution levels are right now and how this could be a step to realizing that we need to take more action to take care of our planet.  I hope that we are able to learn from this and put certain things in place so that something like this does not happen again and if it does we would be able to prevent it more efficiently.”