Front Porch Profile – Carly Krupp ’20

Becca Meyer-Rasmussen, Staff Writer

“I post a lot on my spam story and that has definitely increased over quarantine. I feel like the more I post the more people DM me and then the more interactions I have. Creativity, in general, is something I’ve had more time to do like play instruments. My first vlog was when the Petriga twins and I went to a concert in Chicago. I really wanted to document that and remember it because it was my first concert. That’s when I realized vlogging was fun. Editing it was cool too because I could really make it my own. I didn’t post consistently ever, but it’s been about two years since my first one. I fell out of vlogging though in the spring of my Junior year because editing was taking so long. That’s why quarantine has been so nice because I have so much free time.”