Front Porch Profile – Nick Coles ’21

Becca Meyer-Rasmussen, Staff Writer

“I like that this has given me the opportunity to spend more time on my ideas and really letting my thoughts form into something more. Now I can spend hours on stuff that I really want to. Quarantine has helped me to find what inspires me and then focus on those things. On the other hand though I got a lot of inspiration from the things I’d do with my friends or like parties or whatever it might be. It’s been hard to not see my friends not only for the lack of inspiration from them, but also because that was a big stress reliever in my life. I’m trying to use this time to find my sound because I know that if I like it other people will too. So my daily schedule is usually to wake up pretty early and do school as fast as possible. Then I try to give the rest of my time to music. I’ll write music whenever I feel like it if I get inspired, and I have a studio in my garage that I can go into at night and record.”