Soccer’s kicking back into action


Ruby Hollis, Staff Writer

With many people waiting on the edge of their seats, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has finally announced that soccer and other high school fall sports across Michigan are allowed to continue their seasons by playing in games. Whitmer’s executive order allows sports teams to begin competition immediately. While the boys JV soccer team gets to play, this year’s season will look very different with wearing masks while on the sidelines, limited spectators, and social distancing.

“It’s different because you have to keep in mind the social distance and six feet which we do very well,” Daniel d’Auchamp ‘23 said.

This year, sports teams will have to take extra safety precautions to try and limit the spread of Covid-19 and make sure all players are safe and healthy. During practices, everyone stays six feet away from each other when possible and each player is allowed two spectators per game. 

Due to Covid-19, the soccer team faces game cancellations even with Whitmer’s executive order to allow teams to play. When Daniel d’Auchamp was asked if Covid-19 has had any effect on his team’s games, he said, “So far we’ve had about 5 or more games canceled but we have a game on Wednesday (Sept. 9) so I think we’ll be able to play.” 

Even though some games are already canceled, the boy’s JV soccer team is very optimistic about having a great season.