Boy’s cross country is off to a racing start

Grace Samra, Staff Writer

Although Covid-19 has changed many sports schedules and practices, it has not had the same effect on the cross country season.

This year Michigan High School Athletic Association is only allowing 70 runners total and at most meets teams can only bring 10 runners, which gives fewer chances for JV runners to compete. The team is not allowed to watch, which changed the atmosphere around racing.

 “I miss being able to go and cheer our team on,” said Nitsan Tal ‘23. This year the team has also had races canceled and a limited number of runners. 

 “I wish we were running all the races we normally would, but I do not think much will change for me from this pandemic,”  said team captain Enzo Metz ‘21.

Another thing the team is missing is some of the traditions that help bond the team. They normally have a can drive, a game of Aquinas tag, team dinners, and even just being at races altogether. “I miss them [team traditions],” Tal said. Team traditions are important for building the team together and building friendships, “I still think our team will do well,” said Tal. 

Governor Witmer recently announced that all players must wear masks while practicing and competing. “It is so hard to breathe while running [with a mask]. I have to go slower and take breaks to catch my breath,” said Nathan Rose ‘23. “They also get really sweaty and are gross once you finish practicing” 

[Update 9/10- Governor Whitmer announced that sports that can keep six feet distance for a majority of the time they are practicing or competing are no longer required to wear masks. Cross Country is one of those sports.]