COVID-19 cancellations and concerns for Boys Water Polo

Max Jung, Staff Writer

Due to the strange time we’re living in, many social and sporting events seasons have had to be moved around significantly to reduce risk from Covid-19. One such team affected included the Boys Water Polo team, whose usual Fall season got pushed to the Spring. 

The team’s new Coach, Raheem Brown, stated that “The switch to a Spring season for Water Polo might be permanent, as it would allow our state to be aligned with other states in our zone.”

Despite this setback, the team still chose to continue it’s off-season training from Summer all the way into the Spring. The team’s dedication to continue training, however, got setback even further when one of the teammates tested positive for COVID, just two weeks before school started. 

The resulting scare caused the team to immediately halt all practices for four weeks to ensure as little exposure as possible. Luckily no other members of the team tested positive for COVID, however captains Paul Williams, Tucker Schulz, Trey Bolling, and Max Jung were all not allowed to go to the Senior retreat and the first few days of school. 

Now that the smoke has finally cleared, the team planned to practice again on Tuesday of Sep. 8, as well as starting weight training. To ensure another incident does not occur, the CDC guidelines of wearing masks, social distancing, and frequently sanitizing equipment will be continued to be put in place even more so than previously.