Seniors embrace their last year together by starting Gaga Club


Naya Gasper, Staff Writer

This year has been full of uncertainty for the class of 2021. With so many unknowns, it has been difficult to embrace senior year compared to years prior. To kick off the year, seniors were able to attend their senior retreat at Camp Henry, an event that was expected to be canceled. 

A day full of bonding and fun activities was very beneficial to the senior class and was also the start of a new club at the high school. After playing many games of gaga ball at Camp Henry surrounded by her classmates, Ava Glowney ‘21 had the idea to start a gaga club. 

 “I was inspired to start Gaga Club after watching how gaga brought our grade together at the Senior retreat,” Glowney ‘21 said.

With practices being held in the gaga pit at Wealthy elementary, it allows for seniors to gather socially distant, while still being able to enjoy each others company and make fun memories for senior year.  

“I hope to bring the grade closer together and to beat Christian if we ever play them in a match.” Glowney ‘21 said. 

In times like these, it is important to have events that will bring grades together. Gaga ball has also been a sport played throughout many people’s lives and a reminder of childhood. 

“I decided to join the gaga club because I played it as a child and it was always something I found fun,” said Luke Caswell ‘21. “I think the best part of the gaga club is you get to hang around people that you wouldn’t normally talk to.”

Gaga club is a great way to bring the senior class together during these unknown times and is inclusive to all seniors. It is a great way to get to know each other and see people you wouldn’t normally talk to.