The first wave of athletes commit to play college sports


Maria Walters, Staff Writer

Three seniors, and one junior, finally obtained their dreams of committing to college for sports. Claire Witting ‘21 is going to Indiana University to play water polo, Kamryn Kerr ‘21  and Kennedy Kerr ‘21 are both going to Grove City College. Kamryn Kerr to dive and play water polo and Kennedy Kerr to play volleyball. Junior Alli Carlson ‘22 will be going to Western Michigan University to play basketball after her senior, 2022, season at East Grand Rapids. 

Witting started the commitment process early because of past experience with her siblings’ commitment. “As a freshman, I knew that I wanted a big school with excellent academic and athletic support. I wanted a program that wanted to invest in me as a developing player and a program that knew I would contribute to the team’s success,” Witting said. Witting has decided to play Water Polo as a Hoosier at Indiana University. The Big Ten School, “checked every box on my list,” Witting said. 

Unlike Witting and the Kerrs’, Carlson committed before her Junior season began. “To get committed it was really just up to me and when I felt like I wanted to commit. My family really gave the choice, and I loved Western so I decided to commit early because there was no point in waiting,” Carlson said. 

“For the commitment process, I kind of had it easy. I knew that I wanted to go to Western because I love the coaches there and an added benefit is that it’s close to my home and family,” Carlson said. “I also really like the place I will be living in when I do go there in two years, so it all just kind of worked out perfectly.” 

Twins Kennedy and Kamryn Kerr have both decided to attend Grove City College in Pennsylvania next fall, Kennedy for volleyball and Kamryn for diving and water polo. “My sister and I didn’t think we would be going to the same school when we started reaching out, but it all kind of worked out, and I couldn’t be more excited,” Kamryn Kerr said when asked if the sisters based their college decisions on each other.

When asked about their enthusiasm for committing for sports in college, each girl gave very excited responses. “I’m looking forward to playing volleyball at Grove City College and to continue the sport that I love while also building relationships with other students and coaches there,” Kennedy Kerr said. 

Even though COVID-19 has put a damper on some sports, all four girls have managed to be recruited and accepted to play collegiately. “COVID-19 halted my junior season and pivotal opportunities to continue my ‘Socal training, Southern California Waterpolo training’. However, it gave me plenty of time to communicate to coaches on a frequent schedule in return,” Witting said. 

Upcoming college sports for these three seniors, next fall, is still undecided due to COVID-19. “I don’t know my diving schedule yet for college, because of Corona everything is up in the air, but I know we are going to start in the fall so I’m very excited,” Kamryn Kerr said. 

Although the three girls’ sports seasons still remain undecided next fall, their future endeavors and experiences in the world still lie ahead, and peers cannot wait to see how these girls prosper in the future.