How COVID-19 has affected team traditions


Ruby Hollis, Staff Writer

With many people upset over Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s original decision to postpone football and possibly postpone other fall sports, she has announced that all fall sports can resume this season. This year’s season has been looking a lot different from last years. Teams are required to partake in social distancing guidelines by wearing masks, staying six feet apart while on the sidelines and during practices when possible, along with limited spectators at competitions. 

In past years teams would participate in activities with their teammates at competitions and outside of practice. “Spectators are limited, which I think is probably the worst part because we don’t have each other for cheering and parent numbers are limited,” Caspar Dicke’22 said.  “I feel like cheering for each other is such a big part of sports, and especially for cross country.” 

Normally having teammates there to cheer each other on during a race is what makes running a difficult three miles better, but with COVID-19, those experiences have been mostly taken away. Each year memories are made mostly by the little things teams do together but this year those things have been put on hold. 

“It’s unfortunate we can’t use the team vans to get to golf matches because that’s where some of my favorite memories have come from,” Meg Simon ’22 said.

While team bonding activities are being put on hold, There are some popular traditions being put on hold. “I miss huddles and hugs on the volleyball court, and also seeing peoples faces after a big point or a win,” Pier Morant’ 22 said. “I also miss things like going out to dinner after a game or having a party with the team.”

This year, sports teams have faced many new challenges and are learning how to adapt to them . Teams have to be careful and make sure they are following the guidelines. Cross country, swimming, and girls golf do not have to wear masks while competing while all the other sports have to. The players that have to wear a mask find it distracting to have to wear one during games. “Playing with a mask is a lot different, I keep playing with it during games and it’s hard to leave it alone,”  Betsy Beusse’ 22, a field hockey player, said.

Masks are very important to wear during games to help limit the spread of COVID-19 but it often takes the players focus off the game because they are trying to balance the game and making sure their mask stays on. Along with wearing masks, sports teams must stay six feet apart during practices. Staying six feet apart has been very difficult for many teams especially contact sports because they require you to be close to each other.

“We social distance when we can but football requires getting close to people,” Nick Collins ’22 said. “I miss not wearing a mask the most and not being able to watch the other football games live and not having to watch them on TV”

Despite the new challenges teams face this year, teams will have to push through to have a great season.