MHSAA gives the go ahead for increase amount of spectators during sports events

Ruby Hollis, Staff Writer

MHSAA has announced that starting on Oct. 9 high school sporting events will be allowed to have more spectators. Originally each player was only allowed to have two spectators per game but Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order allowing indoor sporting events to have up to 20 percent of its capacity. Outdoor events are permitted to house up to 30 percent of its full capacity.  Still, not every school will allow this many spectators and may decide to allow fewer spectators. There are questions that are still up in the air about if participants in the sport count as the 30 percent of people allowed. “There is constant change which is really frustrating,” Mr. Johnston said. The competing teams are required to split the number of tickets evenly. Social distancing rules are still enforced for the spectators and masks must be worn.