Girls Golf heads to the State Championship


Maria Walters, Staff Writer

The Girls Golf team is wrapping up their season with an upcoming State championship match. “We have done the best the golf team has done in years,” Sophia Bouwkamp ‘21 said, “As a team, we have great comradery and some of my best friends are on the team which makes it so fun,” she said when asked how she thinks her team has done so far this season. The talent and relationships the golf team has created this year, will help the girls at the state finals against Forest Hills Northern.

“The team to beat this year is Forest Hills Northern as they are looking for a four-peat this year,” Meg Simon ‘22 said, “They are a very talented team, but we think that if our team can put up a few great scores, we can beat them and win,” she said in response to how her team will beat Northern this year. The Girl’s Golf team has come in second, so far this season, against Northern, but have practiced making their “golf game even better in the last few weeks,” Anna Edleman ‘22 said.

“We have practiced this week in the colder temperatures, so I am hoping that will prepare us for the predicted forecast of 45 degrees on Friday,” Simon said, “We are going to work on longer putts and work on making sure we can two-putt all holes.” These preparations for the big day will help the girls in their shot at a state championship that they haven’t gotten since 1999.

Overall, the team is not nervous about the meet this weekend. “The nice thing about Friday is that there really isn’t much pressure on us players,” Ella Webb ‘22 said, “Sure, we all have the pressure of playing well and not wanting to let our teammates down, but there’s no cut line waiting for us to determine whether or not we advance, so were all just there to have fun.” States is the last match for the girls team, so “[we] are all very excited for making new memories and having fun together this weekend,” Libby Chambers ‘21 said.

The girls have received advice for their matches in the past that they use in their pre-game rituals to help them focus.”Libby’s grandfather, Coach Tobin, he said this to us prior to regionals, ‘treat yourself how you would treat your playing partner.’ This piece of advice resonated with me because if I have a bad shot instead of getting mad, I can tell myself, ‘Well, let’s make up for it on the next shot’,” Bouwkamp said. 

Other girls on the team have family members that have given them advice that has impacted and helped them with their performance. “I have had the privilege of having my grandfather, a legendary golfer in Kalamazoo, teach me what I know. He told me to ‘trust my swing’,” Simon said. This advice has helped Simon when she doubts herself during the matches and allows her to focus on her body while swinging rather than second-guessing herself.

Overall the girls believe “that our team will do great things at states,” Rachel Williamson ‘23 said, “I have great confidence in my fellow players and I’m excited to be a part of this great group of girls.” The girls had a practice match last Sun. to help them prepare for states this Fri., where the players will be ending their extraordinary season for the year.