High school streaming services give fans the chance to watch games happen live

Grace Samra, Staff Writer

Sitting in the cold rain at the early hours of the morning, water is seeping into your shoes, making your sock wet and cold. The metal bleachers pressing into your back, hungry, and with a lack of caffeine in your system watching siblings, children, friends, or teammates play a sport, is not exciting. 

This year with COVID-19 and limited spectators, East Grand Rapids has hooked their sports games into a streaming service which also solves the problem of watching games in bad weather or early mornings. The sports streaming service is provided through NFHS which is a sports streaming service. It costs 70 dollars a year or 11 dollars a month.

 “It is worth buying especially we [my friends] couldn’t go to see the games in person.” Gavin Bishop ‘22 said. NFHS covers football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, and ice hockey for East. The service can be found on the East Grand Rapids High School Athletics page. After signing up for the service it works just like other streaming services commonly used. Many parents often use the service to watch their student’s games.

 “I use the service every weekend, whenever there’s a game… I get a big group of friends to go to one person’s house and watch the game,” Bishop said. It works just like most other streaming services we are used to using and, there even be a use for it after COVID-19. “I would be interested in using it after COVID. It would be useful to have when I’m out of town to stream the games, or even to use when the weather is crappy.” Bishop said.