Athletes are strategically quarantining before States

Norah Mclaughlin, Entertainment Editor

Many students are relying on a sports season for their future. With the times we face today athletes are uncertain of their future and how COVID-19 will affect them. 

As our school returns to in-person full time, students’ risk of catching Covid-19 increases. Because this change comes in the midst of the fall sports season, and with state championship events approaching, many athletes are choosing to continue with full virtual classes so they can stay healthy and assure their spot on the team. 

“I chose to continue with full virtual because of swimming and I think it will be best for the team especially with States coming up,” said Greta Milnes ‘22. 

Another swimmer, Sophie Williams ‘22 said, “I chose to do full virtual for a few reasons. I felt like I could maximize my time by being in one place at once I also felt like I could still get the same quality of learning from home. Ultimately I wasn’t sure how full in person was going to play out and decided to play it safe by limiting my risk of contracting the virus and then after that spread it to others.”

With swim and dive conference and State championships weeks away these precautions allow our athletes to certify their spots at these meets by preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

Swimmers are not the only athletes taking precautions against this virus, many cross country runners are also choosing to do full virtual schooling in preparation for their State meet. 

 “I’m going all online for three weeks before regionals and state for cross country,” Ainsley Workman ‘22 said. “Our team is really strong this year and we’re looking to win another state title, so it’s crucial that we have all of our seven runners healthy and able to run at the meet.” As for how virtual learning will affect her, Workman said, “I think the downsides are that learning from home it’s a lot more difficult to pay attention and also being one of the only kids on zoom will be awkward.”

Despite the inevitable downsides of virtual learning, athletes choosing this learning are taking action to work on their future. Through these precautions, our athletes will stay healthy and be able to represent East in our Conference, Regional, District, and State championships.