The student body is hooked on new Among Us video game


Avery Green, Staff Writer

Reese Dupin ‘22 has seen her screen time skyrocket an astonishing amount throughout the past few weeks as the newest trend strikes Gen Z’s radar. An online multiplayer game that was created in 2018, Among Us. 

“Among Us is a game that can be played on phones or computers. Basically, it’s like a mobile game of mafia, killed or be killed,” Reese Dupin ‘22 said. “I love it because it’s fun to play with friends and by yourself. It’s a good way to pass time quickly if I’m bored and it’s very entertaining.” 

Every few months an undiscovered app is revealed and the student body has hoped to play the addictive game anytime they can find it in their already busy lives. From secretly playing vigorously during Latin class lessons to during long bus rides to their football games, students can’t get enough of this addicting game. 

“I love playing it because I can play with my volleyball team on bus rides,” Kendal Briton ‘23 said.”It’s a really good way to pass time and a great team bonding experience.”

The student body is known for latching on to certain apps for short periods of time and then dropping them in a record-breaking speedy time. Many are wondering if Among Us get dumped out of students’ pockets or is it here to stay?

“It will probably last maybe a month longer or maybe shorter because it’s the same game over and over again and I think people will get sick of it pretty quick,” Brady Leistra ‘23 said. 

“Maybe like a couple of months, usually games like Among Us get boring very fast because of new games that students find,” Briton ‘23 said. 

No matter students’ grade, this game has made quite an impact with its rising popularity. From the mysterious space theme background to being able to play with your closest friends this game has 62% of the asked student body indulged in the game. 

“It’s very easy to play and no matter who you are, anyone can play it,” Leistra said. “The main point of the game is super fun, to try and read people and figure out who is lying about being the imposter.”

As this week tracks about being the fourth week into the newest online game trend, students start becoming more and more disinterested with this once addicting game and start seeing that this game is becoming a distant memory.

“I was addicted to the game about a week ago but I’ve slowly stopped playing it as often because it’s becoming more repetitive and just boring,” Dupin said.