Fall play traditions carry on despite COVID-19 setbacks

Avery Green, Staff Writer

Performer Drew Huegli ‘21 encountered many challenges from COVID-19 while putting on the production of, “If Only They’d Let Me” in the Performing Arts Center on Nov. 12 through Nov. 14.

“Covid has definitely impacted my level of performance because the masks we wear make it harder to react to our scene partner especially if we have a scene where we rely on facial expressions to help get certain points across,” Huegli said. 

Many restrictions were put into place during the cast and crews’ practice to ensure the safety of the members and to limit their exposure as they were preparing for their performance.

“We had to make sure we were distancing during the performances, we could not touch or shake hands and we had to take the time to disinfect a lot of the props, sets, and clothing,” Mabel Bowdle ‘21 said. “We also were not able to do most of the East drama traditions.”

Although many challenges were thrown at the extraordinary cast and crew of the 2020 performance of “If Only They’d Let Me”, the outcome was without a doubt an exceptional production filled with humorous scenes. 

“I am thankful that we still found ways to make the most of it to have fun and see each other grow through this process and to be able to participate in a great fall play full of amazing dedicated people,” Bowdle said.

The difference between this year’s pandemic performance compared to last year’s performance is significant and will impact the performers in a memorable way. As they had to learn how to overcome challenges in order to make their performance the best they could.

“I have learned that a little bit of patience and hard work goes a long way. Throughout this process, you had to be willing to go with the flow and let it all work out because our show was ever-changing so we had to be patient with ourselves and others trusting that it would all turn out fine,” Huegli said.

On performance nights, the intense pressure of executing the show the best they could and the COVID-19 challenges were no match for the astonishing cast and crew of the play “If Only They’d Let Me”. 

“Overall the performance went very well. I am just happy we got to finish and perform it to some people before we got on lockdown again,” Bowdle said.

As the high school is now transitioning to all virtual learning, the 2020 performers are extremely grateful to have put on a stellar performance for three nights to show off their laborious work and dedication.